About WildlyLived

Welcome to WildlyLived, the online home for my book blogging, travel blogging, photography, arts & crafts, and other creative pursuits. WildlyLived is the hub for WildlyMade (photography, cards, books, and other hand-made/created items), WildlyRead (book blogging), and WildlyTraveled (travel blogging).

BrocheMy name is BrocheAroe (pronounced, vaguely, bruh-khuh a-roy).  My name is a portmanteau of my tribal names: Broche, meaning blessing/blessed from the Hebrew of my Levite Tribe, and Aroe, meaning spirit from the Bororo of my Aroroe Tribe in Brazil. I grew up traveling the world with my Anthropologist parents, and consequently feel comfortable in city, town, or country, connecting with all types of people. I’m a recovering bookaholic, with an MFA in Writing Literature for Children, and an extraordinary amount of books gathered from a decade in the book industry.

Currently, I’m putting my Anthropology degree to work as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for an international education program provider. I study how students form their personal identities through their educational experiences, and it should come as no surprise given my background that I believe an international experience is a huge part of that. I split my time between doing student recruitment and marketing work on college campuses in the US, and working out of the Christchurch, New Zealand-based office. I also work as a freelance writer, and continue to take on independent clients in the fourth year of my work as an independent contractor doing business and marketing development. I work hard to improve communication, foster cross-cultural exchange, and build community in both my personal and professional lives.

I started WildlyLived to keep a record of the fun I’m having exploring the world, and to connect with other people interested in similar things. So far, my adventures have taken me to Japan, Brazil, Jamaica, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, New Zealand, and all around the United States.

You can reach me at wildlylived(at)gmail(dot)com.

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