Nikki Giovanni

If I had never been in your arms
Never danced that dance
Never inhaled your slightly sweaty odor

Maybe I could sleep at night

If I had never held your hand
Never been so close
To the most kissable lips in the universe
Never wanted ever so much to rest my tongue in your dimple

Maybe I could sleep at night

If I wasn’t so curious
About whether or not you snore
And when you sleep do you cuddle your pillow
What you say when you wake up
And if I tickle you
Will you heartedly laugh

If this enchantment
This bewilderment
This longing
Could cease

If this question I ache to ask
could be answered

If only I could stop dreaming
of you

Maybe I could sleep
at night
– If Only

April is National Poetry Month. Over the course of the month, I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite lines from some of my favorite poets. Today, please enjoy Nikki Giovanni.

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