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It doesn’t matter how many times I see my writing in some sort of published form, the thrill never gets old. As I’ve been focusing on travel writing lately, I’m pleased to present a round-up of my published travel writing … Continue reading

My First Two Weeks in New Zealand: a social media round-up

For those of you who haven’t quite gotten the hang of this website yet, it has 4 different parts:

WildlyMade – a catalogue of my photography and other art projects
WildlyRead – a blog of book reviews and other literary-related thoughts
WildlyTraveled – adventure stories

And last but not least, WildlyLived, which is sort of the one ring to rule them all. It has its own posts about my life (see the house/petsitting series I’m currently flogging blogging), and I try my hardest to do occasional round-ups of the things happening on all of the other sites, too. For instance, this is a round-up of the posts I’ve done about New Zealand in the past almost two weeks that I’ve been here.

You can also see photographs of my trip on my Instagram account or on my WildlyMade New Zealand catalogue of images.

You can also follow along on Facebook, on my new page, WildlyTraveled.

Because social media FTW.

On WildlyTraveled: GoFundMe Campaign!

GoFundMeIf you want to continue to hear about my adventures, and not the ones where I’m destitute on the side of the road, please consider donating to my GoFundMe campaign! You can read about my adventures on WildlyTraveled. I leave for New Zealand in just a few months and every little penny helps. Thank you!

New Zealand, Post the Second

Moving to New Zealand, Step 2

My visa was approved! New Zealand or bust, baby!

Head on over to WildlyTraveled to read all about the logistics that have consumed me for the past two weeks. More fun posts, now that the real planning can begin, soon to follow!

New Zealand, Post the First

Moving to New Zealand, Step 1
Hear ye, hear ye! Visa-depending, I will be moving to New Zealand later this year! Read all about how I came to that decision over on WildlyTraveled.

March 17 on WildyRead & WildlyTraveled

I’m bringing back blogging with a bang on my WildlyLived websites with THREE new posts today!

First, on WildlyTraveled, you can read my mother’s story on Pink Pangea about that time she was treated to an unexpected Bororo delicacy in Brazil.

Then on WildlyRead, you can read about a book releasing today: Prudence, the first book in Gail Carriger’s new series!

Lastly, enjoy my #booknerd tendencies in my choice of St. Patrick’s Day attire for today. Happy luck o’ the Irish to you all, today, Irish or not!

Photo Mar 17, 8 47 23 AM

On WildlyTraveled: Not Your Momma’s Travel App…

Take note, women who travel! There’s a new app in town, built just for you and everyone else who should be interested in women’s history.

Field Trip

Head on over to WildlyTraveled to read the full story about Field Trip.

On WildlyTraveled: How to Pack According to BuzzFeed

If you’ve ever needed, for some incomprehensible reason, to shove a ton of clothing into a very small suitcase and not bring your toiletries, BuzzFeed has the answer for you.

BuzzFeed Packing Wrong

Watch the video over on WildlyTraveled.

On WildlyTraveled: Family Writing: On Pink Pangea: Gaining Passage to India

I am beyond thrilled to announce my mother, S.B. Fabian’s, first online published piece of travel writing!

Passage to India

“The siren began its long, mournful wail that grew in intensity over the course of several seconds. It continued at a high pitch for half a minute, only to fade away and begin again. Hearing the call, my heart seized in panic as my eyes flew to the window in search of what might be coming. Planes? Helicopters?  I jumped off my seat and scrambled under the desk, hands clasped across the back of my neck as I faced the floor and silently prayed that no planes would appear, no bombs would drop, nothing would explode, nothing would hit me.”

To read more, click on the image above, or head over to WildlyTraveled.

On WildlyTraveled: Crater Lake National Park

The adventures of the Summer of Camping continue as 6 friends, a dog, and 1 take a 4-day trip to Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon.

The view from the rim of the crater on Wizard Island, inside of Crater Lake.

The view from the rim of the crater on Wizard Island, inside of Crater Lake.

Read all about it here, on WildlyTraveled.